A promising idea that suffers due to the difficulty inherent in grasping financial information without visual aid (a fact that stock brokers count on to make their commissions). Constant financial updates and format a valuable resource one for commuters and office workers alike.College or university stations offer student-produced programs of varying quality.


Many college stations specialize in jazz, classical or rock music and, by being "consistent," attract a larger audience. Many regard college rock stations as the only truly "alternative" ones

Public Radio

Since 1967, federal funding has made possible the creation of National Public Radio on the national level and paid professional staffs at the local level. Like their commercial counterparts, these public stations often specialize in one kind of music programming such as jazz, classical, eclectic rock in addition to providing in depth news and discussion programs. Their staffs are motivated by a sense of "mission" to offer a substantially higher quality of programming that would receive little or no support from commercial sponsors. Most public stations carry programs from National Public Radio, American Public Radio, BBC programs and other services.