Soft Hits or Easy Listening

Soft hits stations usually offer a blend of pop hits from the '60, '70s and '80s, playing artists such as the Beatles, George Michael, Elton John, Kenny Rogers, Vanessa Williams, Carole King, etc.


Many famous African-American singers credit their local church choir for getting them started. Artists such as Mavis Staples and Al Green have returned to their roots full time and placed their considerable talents in the service of the Almighty. Southern gospel and Contemporary Christian are more akin to country and "country rock" in sound while addressing similar religious themes in a popular music context. "Religious stations" vary in tone and presentation. Some are merely brokered stations selling their time to churches and religious organizations that want the time to proselytize and raise funds from their followers. Others offer a more sophisticated presentation of talk shows and music that may sound indistinguishable from a commercially formatted station, except that the talk is focused on addressing the concerns of the so-called "Christian Right" and the music played is usually Contemporary Christian.


Jazz music is considered by its proponents to be the real American classical music playing such artists. Public stations tend to treat it seriously and play many artists that have relatively small but dedicated followings.