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WEEKDAYS: News, 5-10a.m., news with Linda Nunez & Tom Haule, traffic with Jim Thornton every 6 minutes/10a.m.-1p.m., Bob McCormick, traffic every 6 minutes with Donna Page/1-2p.m., KNX Business Hour with Bob McCormick, Charles Laszlo & Randy Riddle/2-3p.m., news with Bob McCormick, 3-8p.m., news with Dave Zorn, traffic every 6 minutes with Chris Griego/ 8-9p.m., news with Jack Salvatore, traffic every 10 min with Christina Griego
Mon., The Lone Ranger & Adventures of Phillip Marlowe
Tues., (10-11p.m.) Suspense & Tales of the Texas Rangers
Wed., Escape & Have Gun Will Travel
Thurs., Lux Radio Theatre
Fri., Gunsmoke & The Shadow
Sat., The Jack Benny Show & The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet
Sun., Dragnet & Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
Carlos Gaivar and Ed MacKay, traffic with Pat Haslam/2a.m.-3a.m., KNX Drama Hour (repeat)
WEEKENDS: News with Frank Mottek, Gail Eichenthal, Stephanie Roberts, Michael Ambrosini; traffic with Jeff Davis, Mike Morris, Steve Cusack, Lisa Gauff
SPECIAL FEATURES: CBS Radio News on the hour/traffic every 6 min./ business news with Randy Riddle & Charles Laszlo/ sports with Steve Grad, Chuck Madden, Jeff Nathanson, Rory Markas/entertainment news with Sam Rubin, Tom Hatten/Dr. Joyce Brothers/humorist Bob Harris, weekdays at 6:40p.m./News with CBS Radio Network reporters Dan Rather, Charles Osgood, Bill Lynch and others/The President's Weekly Radio Address, Sat. 7:05 a.m./The Republican Response, Sat., 9:05 a.m./60 Minutes (simulcast), Sun., 7-8p.m./60 Minutes II (simulcast), Tues., 9-10p.m.

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