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KFWB March 31 at Pinot Hollywood restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood to celebrate the addition of "Larry King Live" to the all-news outlet earlier in the month. King charmed the group of station executives, talent and sponsorswith stories of his first days in radio at Miami's WAHR-AM in 1957. The Brooklyn, N.Y. native recounted his first on-air experience as a young man when he suffered a bad case of "mike fright"; he couldn't get any words to come out of his mouth. He kept fading down his theme music and trying tospeak. The general manager, who had been listening in his office, finally stormed into the studio and exclaimed,

"You're a communicator, communicate!"


 Larry King and Sandy Wells


Thom Lonney with Larry King
Jolted to his senses, the young broadcaster chucked his prepared opening remarks and turned on the mike. He admitted to the listeners that he was it was his first day on the air and that he was "petrified." The audience took a liking to him and the rest is history. "Larry King Live" airs nightly from 8 p.m.to 9 p.m. KFWB broadcasts the audio portion of the cable TV program, which debuted on CNN in June 1985.

 "When I'm in the car, the
first thing is the radio,
" King told the audience.
"I've always loved radio since I was 5 years old." Morning anchor person Kathleen Sullivan said that King is "one of a handful of people who really knows what news is. "VP and General Manager Roger Nadel commented,
"Larry and his guests make news as often as they explain it.
That's why this is a good
fit for KFWB."


Morning anchor person Kathleen Sullivan VP and General Manager Roger Nadel

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