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Bonnie Grice

Bonnie Grice's Departure

In an effort to set the record straight on Bonnie Grice's departure from KUSC, it should be known that Bonnie was neither forced nor asked to leave the station. She tendered her resignation before Wally [former General Manager Wallace Smith] resigned. When Bonnie's resignation became public, we decided to move forward with the planned programming changes and granted her a leave of absence for her final few weeks. This is standard procedure throughout radio, and it allows for the smoothest transition for the station and listeners.
Bonnie was a very important part of the station, and we will always appreciate the dedication she brought to the job. We don't want the terms of her resignation to overshadow her distinguished tenure at KUSC.
Steve Lama - Acting General Manager, KUSC

Raves for Rachtman

Since I moved here from Boston, I have found your magazine very helpful in finding good radio. Could you do a story about Riki Rachtman on Real Radio 97.1? His show is so funny, and he makes my brutal drive from Orange County bearable. He is a fresh breath in the stale air of talk radio. Keep up the good work at your magazine!
Dawn Cohan of Los Angeles

KFI's Hendrie Panned

To Thom Looney at the "Looney Point of View": I do not agree with you when you say that KFI's Phil Hendrie is a "snicker a second." I thought that KFI was a talk radio station. Hendrie does not belong in the same league as KFI's [Bill] Handel, John and Ken and [Wayne] Resnick. They are talk pros as was Mr. KFI. Phil Hendrie's program is too contrived. With all the character voices he uses, talking to a caller or guest may not be real. To me, this is not talk radio. Hendrie is foul-mouthed, rude and obnoxious. Has KFI now become a station of amateur comedians? Hendrie should pack up his dog and pony act and head back to Miami.

Bev of Irvine

KFI is a failed entity as far as we are concerned: three very stupid women on weekends and they put on Phil Hendrie - a real flop. He may play well in Miami, but look at the crowd he played to: old people who thought his lounge act was for real. The younger set in L.A. and L.A. County don't want an old guy who sounds like he is snorting coca powder, smoking all the while. He sounds like an old drunk. This is a tired old act from the '50s. It was not good then, and we are all over shock radio. This guy is just a boor. We will just listen to other stations and stop taking the many sports teams in our care such as Little League etc., to the Green Burrito. Anyone who sponsors this idiot won't be a part of our activities.
Jeff Down, M.D. of Banning

KABC Rediscovered!

It all started a couple of days ago during a telephone conversation with a friend of mine. Somehow, talk radio and Paul Harvey's name came up as a topic of conversation. I lamented the fact that KABC had moved the "noon Harvey" (as we called it when I worked for an ABC Radio affiliate years ago) to some other time slot, and I wasn't sure where. I went on to say that except for the great Michael Jackson, I couldn't stand to listen to them anymore. And since their sister station KMPC had dropped Tom Leykis, fired Joe Crummey and went on a reactionary right-wing bent, I had taken them off my car radio altogether.
Suddenly, my wife, overhearing all this, pulled out Volume 2, Number 6 of your tiny magazine. There, in your listings section, was Paul Harvey at 2 p.m. on KABC and Joe Crummey doing afternoon drive on KMPC. And to top it off, the cover story was Mr. Jackson!
I was completely unaware that the L.A. Radio Guide even existed, let alone that it was so good. As a former radio personality and radio column writer for a now-defunct newspaper, I was pleasantly surprised by your magazine and the quality of the writing. You can bet I'll be reading it from now on. Congratulations on your fine work. I wish you much success, and I'm looking forward to your next edition. When I can come up with 12 bucks, I'll subscribe.
Ed Ryba of North Hills
Editor's Note: "Paul Harvey News and Comment" (15-minute version) has been moved to a new time, weekdays 11:45 a.m.-12 noon on KABC 790 AM.

Ratings a Plus

I enjoy your magazine very much and find it very Angeles Radio Guide because I spend a lot of time listening to radio talk shows. I am very interested in the latest Arbitron ratings for the local radio stations.
Sara Safford of Long Beach

Jackson: Preferred Gentleman

I've been Michael Jackson's program director; and I can tell you he's the first thing I think of when I hear the word "gentleman." Thank you for saluting Michael; he's the best!
John Rook of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Support Your Radio Guide

I am a full-time housewife (domestic engineer). This allows me to be a loyal radio talk show listener. Being a listener and a caller wasn't enough, so I subscribe to the L.A. Radio Guide. Why? Because this little magazine is the only way to get to know about the stations and the hosts. The Radio Guide also puts pictures of the hosts in the magazine. It tells me who is going to be on and at what time. The little magazine even tells me where former radio hosts have gone, why they left, or if they were fired.
Talk radio is a very big business, and I know this to be true. The only way to read about talk radio is in the L.A. Radio Guide, which only comes out every two months. Why? There's nothing in the L.A. Times about talk radio. There's nothing on the six o'clock news, Newsweek, People, "20-20," the Daily News and no other newspaper or magazine.

First, to the publishers and editor: Are you guys rich or just out of your minds? Tell me, I need to know. Why do you put out information on these radio stations and staff members? You not only write about one or two stations; you write about every last one of them.
Well, I listen to just about all of them, waiting for them to give out the address and telephone number of the L.A. Radio Guide. I mentioned on a radio talk show that I subscribe to the Radio Guide. That's how I knew what Mr. KFI looked like - something every one wanted to know but didn't know how to find out. Every caller following me (I was the second call) wanted to know how to subscribe to the magazine. You would think you would be able to find out how by listening to the radio. But there's nothing, nothing at all, not one single mention about the L.A. Radio Guide on any of these stations.
Unless you are making other deals with these radio stations that you write so well about, these stations don't give a damn about you. They don't recognize you. To them, you don't exist. What's up with these people?
L.A. Radio Guide should be able to print and put out copies of the magazine at least once a week, if not daily. The stations and the hosts are on the air every day, and there's happenings and changes every day. So maybe with your help, maybe we could get the L.A. Radio Guide at least once a week.

To the stations, all of you: As a listener to talk radio we want and need the L.A. Radio Guide. It gives lots of information about you guys that maybe you don't tell us - some good, some bad. I bet the editor is reading this and saying to herself after the second page, who in the world is crazy enough to even think that we are going to print this manuscript. I can live with that.

Are you guys crazy or what? Why do you promote and advertise for stations that don't mention your magazine? To the stations and hosts: Why don't you back the only radio magazine you've got?
Jean Perkins of Carson

Bruce Bites on the Air

I can't understand why KFI keeps Tammy Bruce on the air. She is so quick to rush to judgment. She will spend an hour telling how guilty and awful someone someone might be and a week later it comes out the subject is quite innocent. She does not do much research on the topics and quite often is misinformed. If a caller is better informed on the topic, Bruce hangs up on them. Plus, she has the tacky habit of eating while she is on the air. Yuucck!
N. J Ley of Bloomington, Ca.

Barkley Missed

Nothing against Peter [Tilden], but what on earth was KABC brass thinking of when they fired Roger [Barkley]? And why did Ken go along with them? Roger was a perfect fit with Ken. I miss him.
Gayle Jones of Corona Del Mar

Thank God for Radio

Thank you for making this information available to us. And thank God for radio. Except for Sunday and Thursday evenings television can wither and die. I cannot, however, exist without radio.
Kathryne Miller of Rosemead

Oldies Radio Critique

In regard to "Sounding Off" Vol. II, No. 6: Tom Adams is 100 percent correct! So-called "oldies" radio in L.A. suck! K-Earth does play the same stale songs over and over and over and over again. What a waste of airtime. With all the songs of the '50s and '60s, it seems like they play the same 25 over and over, etc. Stale! I was forced to listen to it at work until I could not take it anymore. I had to buy a pair of AM-FM headphones. Plus, I make my own tapes and play those over the PA system. The people at work now agree, K-Earth's format stinks. Tom stated they play the same 200 to 300 songs...I don't think they have that many! His record library had over 5,000 oldies! Now that's a radio station!
Well, thanks for letting me sound off. The L. A. Radio Guide is great. You people pack a lot of information in it.
David A. Kruzek of Santa Monica