Orson Wells

Larger Format

I really like the new format of the Los Angeles Radio Guide. It is larger in size and is much easier to read, not only because of larger print but also because the overall layout is so much better. I especially appreciated the various articles about KUSC Radio. They all appeared to be forthright yet fair in their content.
Marilyn R. McClellan - Music Librarian - Programming Dept. KUSC Radio

Ratings Count

Found the article on Arbitron very interesting [Nov./Dec. 1996 issue]. Where else can a radio fan get that kind of behind-the-scenes info. Thanks for the mention of Dr. David Viscott and of Warren Kolodny (KCRW). I will miss them both.
Frank Nilsen of Ventura

Oldies Variety, Please!

In the Nov./Dec. issue, I read with interest the letter from Tom Adams of Monrovia about oldies radio in L.A. I couldn't agree more. Oldies radio in L.A. is a joke to any real oldies fan. I guess the so-called oldies stations can't afford to buy records so they have to keep playing the same 200 or 300 over and over and over. Come on, station managers! There's a real market for some variety oldies. Maybe Tom Adams will loan you some of his records.
Tony Serra of Riverside

'K-Ace' Enjoys the Radio Guide

I enjoy reading the Los Angeles Radio Guide at the radio station that I work at, KACE-FM. Thank you for a great publication, and keep up the good work!
Licia L. Shearer - Weekend Air Personality - KACE 103.9 FM

Fun to See Voices' Faces

I really enjoy your magazine. I like to see the faces and read the stories behind the voices. Keep up the good work.
Jeannine Paire of West Los Angeles

Net Photos of Dr. Joy Browne Wanted

Thank you for signing me up for the Los Angeles Radio Guide. It is a great magazine! Your Internet site Radio Guide USA:, (www.radioguide.com) is very impressive: good reading, informative and nicely done. I would like to see a picture of and read about Dr. Joy Browne, whose radio program is broadcast on 710 AM KTZN weekdays 12 midnight to 5 a.m. Even though her show is not local, I hope you will consider including it in a future edition. It's fun to see the pictures you provide in the magazine.
Marletta Davis of Anaheim

Ramblin' Jean

Jean of Carson rambles on when on the air and likewise rambles on when in print. She needed approximately 750 words to let us know she enjoys Radio Guide and wishes it was a weekly "zine." Please Jean, condense and get to the point!
Michele Mooney of Silver Lake
P.S. I like R.G. a lot and wish you'd profile more talk shows a la Mr. KABC and Michael Jackson.