What Some Radio Pros Say About Howard

Bill Handel, morning personality on KFI 640 AM:
"I think he's brilliant. He understands his market and listeners as well as Rush does and as well as Dr. Laura. There's a reason these people have10 to 20 million listeners. [For Howard] it's shock radio. It's 18 to 34 years old guys listening to fart jokes. But he does it better than anybody in the world. I think he's hilarious."

Steven Rendell, Senior Analyst for Talk Radio, F.A.I.R.:
"We believe he has an utter right to free speech. We think it's very disturbing what the FCC is coming after him for - talking dirty is free speech. We would never defend the right of the government to come in and take him off the air."

Riki Rachtman, evening personality on Real Radio, KLSX 97.1 FM:
"To be honest, a person like Howard Stern made it possible for a guy like me to be on radio. A lot of people [in L.A. radio] have big radio voices or were morning guys in some other markets. Without Howard Stern, I don't know how long it would have taken for people to take a chance on a guy like me."

Jim Daniels, former afternoon personality on Real Radio, KLSX 97.1 FM
"We've learned from him. The simplicity of Howard Stern: opening the mike and saying what you think - but always with a self-deprecating thing at the end."

Don Anthony, president, Talent-masters:
"Other guys were saying outrageous things before Howard - Steve Dahl, Larry Lujack. I think he's prompted some personalities to work harder and dig deeper for good material, to be more competitive. In the '90s, more and more jocks realize that being themselves is what's going to get them ratings. People forget that most morning DJs have to generate about 1,000 hours a year of entertainment. It's almost impossible to be funny five hours a day, five days a week."