Orson Wells

Down with Radio Guide & KIIS-AM

I would like to clarify and refute your "K-Ace Enjoys the Radio Guide" heading from the Vol 2, No. your 'zine, particularly because of your obvious lack of respect for any of the urban stations (until recently with your story on KJLH-FM!) Misspelled names and wrong I have to admit that you have gotten a little better since you stopped KIIS-ing up so much. Speaking of KIIS-AM, the sports talk format in this market is again doomed if those management mensas don't drop all that freaking syndication, especially the Not-so-Fabulous Sports Blob, Fumblin', Stumblin' Bob Golic and those idiots at night! You guys have a long way to go as well!
George Moore, host of "The '70s Show" on KACE 103.9 & 98.3 FM

Make DX List of Frequencies in California

My friends at the Daily Breeze gave me a copy of L.A. Radio Guide, and I found it very interesting and useful. Naturally, I have some suggestions. I live on a hill that [overlooks] Catalina. It makes it possible to bring in two stations with strong signals: KFMB AM 760 in San Diego and KCBS AM 740 in San Francisco.
Reception of KCBS is only possible [after dark] because it is zapped by KBRT during daylight hours. I have resided in both San Diego and San Francisco, and I enjoy hearing local conditions and news from those cities. Besides, they are linked with KNX and have national services. I would like to suggest you have an overall list of stations in order of frequencies to make it easier for us channel- surfers to identify stations. How about a DX list of stations by frequency -- including L.A. receiver locations -- a neat hobby!
Mitchell Dazey of Palos Verdes Estates

A Howard Stern World

Just another piece written about Stern [cover story Vol 2, No. 8] with nothing more than hearsay and newspaper clippings ( I guess). I was listening the morning of Stern's supposedly insensitive remarks following Selena's death. What I heard was a full (or more?) hour of "Tejano-style" music-bashing, and I may add it was done in an incredibly hilarious fashion. (I neither like or dislike Tejano.) One thing's for sure, I happen to enjoy Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix immensely. If some disc jockey dislikes it and pokes fun at this style of music trust me, I will not be offended.
Also, if Selena's movie had been released two weeks prior to Howard's, could we also say Howard pushed her movie off the charts? Or would Stern be insensitive for pushing it off the charts?
Not even Bill Handel has it right. ("It's mostly about fart jokes") My job puts me on the road a lot. I dislike some of the things Stern does. However, I find him incredibly funny most of the time. He almost always puts a smile on my face. What's wrong with that? In closing, I would like to point out that if this world was inhabited with nothing but Howard Sterns, it definitely would be a better world to live in. The man does have a conscience. As for Mark and Brian, they did nothing! But it was funny that they were exposed as Howard Stern copycats. No one should dispute that! Keep publishing that nice Radio Guide.
Rick Morell of La Verne

To Thom Looney: Hendrie vs. Mr. KABC

You may be the smartest man in Los Angeles. First, baseball is my favorite sport, so you understand why I don't listen to the Dodgers. I am a dedicated Mr. KABC minion. But when those no-good Dodgers are on the air, I have no choice but to listen to Phil Hendrie.
This guy is a genius. Take the show for what it is -- comedy. I love them both. Mr. KABC is always my first choice, and I hope we can all get along someday.
Your fan, V.J. of Toluca Lake
P.S. To Scott and Casey: If you try to make a real show, they will want real ratings.

Enjoying KFI's Sanchez & Walker

I want to thank KFI for taking Tammy Bruce off weekends and putting her on at midnight during the week. I enjoy Sanchez and Walker, who took her spot on weekends. Since I turn my radio off at midnight, it works well for me.
Jo of Bloomington

Dreaming of a Past Show

Hello! I always enjoy reading your magazine, and I hope you can help me find an answer to an admittedly vague question. A few years ago, I used to listen to a program of vintage music called "Don't Wake Me Up, Let Me Dream" late on Sunday nights. I cannot recall the station or the host; do you happen to know if this show is still on the air? If so, where and when? I hope you can help. Keep up the good work!
Wyatt Doyle of Hollywood
Editor's Note: Joe Monte hosted the show Sundays from midnight to 2 a.m. on KPCC 89.3 FM. It featured dance band music from the '20s and went off the air after the station dropped the American Standards format in favor of rock and news/talk last year.

Decline of Talk

AM talk radio is deteriorating; it is no longer the proverbial "breath of fresh air" or the "pulse of the city." Let one unusual item appear in a large-circulation newspaper, and all stations grab that article and first shred it to pieces; then patch it back together, from early Monday a.m. to Friday p.m. The said item will be discussed, manipulated, torn, twisted,. mended by our talk jocks of the kilohertz band. It will be reprised by the weekend M.C.s, trying to populate their deserts.
The talk jocks themselves, as the cards in a deck, are shuffled from one station to another. They disappear a while, then reappear. They're fired and rehired; now you see them, now you don't. It reminds me of the French federal ministries: Each time there is a change in government, the person who lost his job as Secretary of Defense is named; Secretary of Agriculture while Agriculture's head is switched to Foreign Affair, the latter to replace Education's minister, and so on. The same with talk stations: switch hours, switch stations, but keep the same tired jokes, guffaws, special effects and plants.
Ladies and gents: We do need fresh air!
Many talk show hosts, attempting to sound literate, often invent their own outrageous expressions to replace perfectly adequate exisiting words. I have penned some of those malapropisms, to wit: more healthier, most worst, and why, Mister and Madam Host, do you say conceptualization when concept is sufficient, exploitativeness instead of exploitation? Why utter authenicness for authenticity? abhorrational for abhorrent? Summarization for summary? Commentating for commenting? Do you know there is a difference between continually and constantly? Incredulous and incredible? We have a good, easy language, why torture it? I am also disturbed by the surge of superfluous vulgarities spoken by quite a few talk radio jockeys. I hear: damn/damned/damn, bucket of slime, pond scum, sleaze balls, "You're a friggin' idiot," "Wait a frickin' second," "I'm pissed off," "Go to hell."
Why, boys and girls, why such unrefined vulgarities? And please, cut off the repetitive "You know, and the "And you know what" that pepper your dialogues with callers (I hesitate to write "dialogues," as they are most often screeching orations, interrupting callers' sentences, hanging up abruptly on the latter before speaking ill of them once they are no longer on the line. I thought that uncouth practice had been swept away with Joe Pynes' demise. Yes, it is is sad that today's talk radio has lost its imagination, its diversity and its intelligence. 'Cause, you know what? The listeners get, like, tired, you know, and start migrating to the FM band. And you know what, they find it more healthier, and you know, more educationated.
Michele Mooney of Silverlake