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Sounding Off
My Story Michael Jackson's Fate at KABC

It was a bit ironic, reading in your last issue about KABC's Michael Jackson receiving the Talk Host of the Year Award from the National Association of Radio Talk Show Hosts on page 11, and then reading about his demotion to weekends on page 6.

Whether or not you agreed with his politics, Jackson had the connections to get instant and insightful interviews with the major newsmakers of the day. I will now be listening to other stations from 9 to 12 each day.

KABC has taken its on-air housecleaning to an extreme: Not only is it getting rid of Micheal Jackson and all the Dodger games, but I suspect it is losing the majority of its prime listeneners. Good luck to them in finding replacements!

Bruce Tennant of Long Beach

During baseball preemptions on Michael Jackson's weekdays show [on KABC 790 AM], I learned to switch to NPR: either KCRW from weekdays, NPR is the only alternative.

Don Manning of Los Angeles

So what's happening at KABC? It appears that management is on a deliberate movement to dumb down: 1) Michael Jackson [went from] 15 hours a week to six 2) Susan Estrich replaced; 3) Saturday night, Gloria Allred canceled for Joe Crummey (she's still on Sunday). Who's next? Sounds like Dennis Prager. We all have to change to public radio.

D.R. Manning of Los Angeles

KFI Review

I agree with Tom Looney when he says John and Ken have lost their edge. It used to be that I could not wait to tune them in. But since they have become syndicated and talk mostly about issues outside L.A., I am not in any real hurry to listen to them - especially if Ken is off, and John's wife co-hosts - then I really station-surf.

I also agree with Thom Looney when he says "program directors - uggh." KFI's weekends leave a lot to be desired. I like Sanchez and Walker, but you can have Claire Young, whose voice is very annoying. The louder she gets, the worse it gets. Turi Ryder is arrogant, obnoxious and comes off as though she thinks she is really funny and cute, which she isn't. The one good thing that happened is Tammy Bruce is now on at midnight. That's when I get my zzz.

N.I.H. of Rialto

More Insider Info

I am disappointed in reading your publication. KIEV with George Putnam et. al. are obsessed with attacking Bill Clinton every day, for the last five years. How come you don't know that or report that? That is the whole show - period - and they have much lower ratings than the Zone 710 for years. Old George has never had a rating over 1 share for years. His show is always the same; so is Ray Briem. I would like to see if Ronn Owens is out-rating Michael Jackson; I doubt it!

I think if you provided more inside info, I would be interested in buying your magazine.

Phil via the Internet

Howard Stern: Don't Come to Quebec

All I want to say is that if ever that [expletive] American piece of [expletive] that is Howard Stern shows up anywhere in the province of Quebec, he will not be greeted on a friendly basis.

Pierre Levesque - Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, Quebec, Canada