American Musical

The past Century of American Musical Theatre spawned an Appreciable legacy of truth, wisdom and joy which deserves to be heard, shared and understood. With the help of collectors, historians, critics, recording companies and most of all, the Actors, Singers, Dancers and Creators themselves, Paradigm Productions is preparing several series of radio programs for responsible sponsorship.

It'sNot Talk Radio - but there is a lot of talking.

It'sNot New Music - but there's a Lot of Music you May have Missed.

It's definitely Not the same old song and dance .

100 years of Dynamic American Music from the Heart of our culture and Language.

Great Performances, presented in a rich new context,

by the people who created the Work.

Join us for exclusive interviews, insightful commentary, wonderful stories

and non-stop entertainment in the first new format to hit radio since the Shock Jock.

Sponsor Driven, Community Responsive and Intellectually Stimulating programming,

packaged into a new and Original Radio Musical Theatre.

It's Words & Musicals© Radio. You'll know it when you Hear it.

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