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Sounding Off
My Story KABC's Doug McIntyre Gets "Hammered"
Thanks for your kind words in your recent "Looney Point of View" column (Vol. III, No. 2).
As I'm sure you know by now, since it's your job to know these things, I have taken an extended leave of absence from KABC radio. Recently, I was offered the co-executive producer's job on the new syndicated TV series, "
Mike Hammer, Private Eye." Since you all know what radio pays, it was impossible to turn down this gig...I tried to keep the KABC job as long as I could, but working until one in the morning on Sunday/Monday nights was killing me. (Or maybe it's the four packs a day of Marlborough Light 100's). Something was killing me, so I asked [KABC Program Director] Dave Cooke for some time off, at least until we wrap the series in February.
I hope to be back on the air sometime in March. Thanks again for your kind comments, I enjoy your column.
Doug McIntyre of KABC Radio

Radio Guide Rides the (Boston) MTA
I sent a check on March 11 for $12 for a subscription to L.A. Radio Guide. I have received one issue. The reason I'm writing is that I saw someone on the Boston subway reading what has to be a later copy. (You do get around!) Would you please check my subscription? Thank you!
Peter E. Skinner of Boston, Mass.

Kudos from Riverside Reader
I've been an avid reader of your magazine for the past two years (when I can find it on the newsstand!) I find something interesting in every issue, and it's great to see the faces that go with the voices I've been listening to for years! Keep up the good work!
Brian McKown of Riverside
P.S. Kudos on the new, large format!

Bless NPR and KPFK
Thank you for publishing the letters about KABC and the ratings. The radio stations' attitude is difficult to understand. Bless NPR and KPFK for being there.
Lois Thorne of Los Angeles

New Radiohead
I have several radios of various kinds but no superstars. What can I do to enhance my reception? Or is it just a matter of limited signal regardless of radio used?
Now just a comment from a new subscriber: NPR now has as many commercials as commercial radio, yet all need fund drives and federal subsidies. Can any station, for example KPFK, get by on subscribers alone? I'd like to see a column of "Whatever happened to ____." I have listened to parts of the
Art Bell network and he must have more radio outlets than anyone else. I don't believe his audience is all UFO people but [rather], people who can't stand politics from Leykis to Michael Reagan to Bernie [Ward] to [Toni] Grant.

Jerry Davis of Port Hueneme
Notes From the Central Coast
Since arriving here last May, and having to listen to various stations here on the Central Coast, it makes one long for a good radio market such as Southern California. It's basically all syndication of various types (and not very good services). At one time there were complaints in your magazine that KRTH only played 300 or so oldies. The two stations they have here that have that format sound like they play only 30. We can get Don Imus out of Fresno, but not Howard Stern. After dark, its KNBR, KCBS and KGO out of San Francisco, as well as numerous other up and down the coast. I try and catch Phil Hendrie most of the time, and can't stop laughing at some of the "callers."
One of your recent letters echoed what I had suggested some time ago. This could be a one time only thing. List the stations by frequency, then show: ownership, address, phone number, power and antenna site.
With owners now allowed numerous stations in a market, we would be able to ascertain who owns what. (I'm still trying to figure out Vol. III, No. 2, page 12, "KBIG and KZLA Trade Places.")
Mitchell D. Johnson of Lompoc

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