One of the most often asked questions people ask me besides, "What do you think of Phil Hendrie?"- is, "What ever happened to the Regular Guys, Larry & Eric?" The answer? They're on the radio in Atlanta! KFI's talented weekend talker Maria Sanchez has not only left Glynnis Walker, she has packed up her bags aand left Mr. Personalities Phil Hendrie. But it's not because he's a schizo. It will be a long-distance love affair now. Sanchez has landed herself a daily gig at KSTE Sacramento. Sanchez takes on Rush Limbaugh in the 9 a.m., to noon shift there. Sanchez can defend working moms on her station while Rush Limbaugh condemns them to hell on another. You go, girl!

Why did KLSX ax Conway & Steckler and then bring them back two weeks later? Maybe it's because - in some demographics - their ratings went up as much as 420%! And, the same week that the ratings came in, KLSX brass tiptoed into Tulip's restaurant in fashionable Koreatown and spotted comedian Tim and the two-time Emmy winner Doug dining with KFI's PD-of-the-century David G. Hall! Within hours - literally - Conway & Steckler were back on the air waxing loquaciously about potty habits, beer, chicks and the track. Considering the wringer that the radio biz and KABC put Ed Tyll through, you should listen to him on KLSX. Plus, now that he has a permanent home (10 p.m. -1 a.m.), his show sounds better. KABC and the L.A. Times deny the rumor that talk show host Michael Jackson's mother is the editor of the paper. However, there is truth to the rumor that MJ went out on his own and hired a PR firm - Davidson & Choy - to help organize protests, letter-writing campaigns, plant extra ink about him in the Times, etc.

By the way, KABC's Ronn Owens has a new Rocky Balboa image since he finally decided to throw counterpunches at Michael Jackson. He tore into him, and, among other things, called him "Eddie Haskel with a South African accent." Ronn Owens: He shoots, he scores! A lot of people, even Jackson fans, have a newfound respect for Owens now that he's given up on the rope-a-dope technique. I think one of the reasons people haven't fully embraced Owens is because his voice is reminiscent that of another venerable middle-of-the-road philosopher: George Bush!
KFI's 20-something twosome of Scott & Casey are back! Last year, stations in Kansas City, San Diego and Orlando were fighting over them. They finally landed at WDBO/Orlando, Florida. Now that they're here, expect some more of those funny, cutting-edge promos that Casey used to write and voice.

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