Did El Niņo cause oldies, talk, and Spanish station to slip and slide? The winter 1998 Arbitron rankings, based on average quarterly share estimates of listeners age 12 and up, brought good news to KCMG, "Mega 100," which seems headed to permanent top 10 status. It rose 1.3 from No. 25 to 14th place in the overall rankings (Monday-Sunday, 6 a.m.-midnight), posting a 2.7 share. Spanish Ranchera KLAX, with a new morning show and program director, recovered by the same margin as Mega 100, jumping from 19th to "Romantica" KLVE-FM for first place.
  Among music stations, hip hop KPWR, urban KKBT, modern rock KLYY, country KZLA, top 40 KIIS, rocker KLOS, oldies KRLA, classical KKGO, rock classics KCBS, were all down for the rating period, while adult contemporary KBIG alternative rock KROQ and Spanish pop KSSE showed gains. Alternative adult contemporary KYSR, smooth jazz KTWV, soul oldies KACE, urban contemporary KJLH, dance hits Groove 103.1, Mexican regional KBUE and soft rock KOST showed little or no change from last fall.
Among talk stations, KFI jumped up four-tenths into third position overall, while archrival
  KABC dropped by four-tenths and out of the top 10 into 15th place. KLSX nudged up a tenth to 2.5, but dropped from share, but local rivals KCTD and KXTA dropped out of the 12-plus rankings.
  Although down by 1.4, KLSX's Howard Stern finished in first place among English-speaking shows. Spanish-language KSCA's Renan took top honors overall, followed by KLVE's Pepe Barretto. News station KNX with anchors Linda Nunez and Tom Haule was up 1.3, jumping into the top 10 at No. 8 from their previous No. 16 rank. KFI' s Bill Handel achieved a robust gain of a point, rising from No. 5 to No. 4. KOST's Mark & Kim improved two-tenths, moving into the top 10. KRTH, apparently hurt by the retirement of Robert W. Morgan, fell by a point and out of the top 10 to No. 11. The oldies giant tied with KABC's morning team of Minyard & Tilden, which also fell out of the top 10, dropping by seven-tenths of a point. For KLAX's new morning team, sharing the No. 11 spot represented a gain of 1.4. Also coming at No. gain. KRLA with former evening man Huggy Boy and Karla Sifuentes lost three-tenths, falling from No. 28 to No. 35 in the morning.
  The station for kids, Radio Disney's KDIS, registered in the ratings for the first time since it was adult standards "K-Joy."

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