KFI Critiques & Queries
I usually turn off KFI at 11 p.m, but I left my radio on the other night as I was showering. I was suddenly reminded why I don't listen to Tammy Bruce. She was, as usual, verbally destroying the president and other individuals if she could just get her facts straight. (Personally, I do not think this is possible) Bruce is just plain boring. Sometimes she will read from a book for a couple of hours. How much talent does that take? I would like to see KFI put Glynnis Walker in this time slot. Walker is very well-versed in all her topics. You can tell she is very well-educated and is anything but boring.
Geri Scott of Highland, CA.

I wonder if you could let the readers know what is happening at KFI on weekends? Sanchez & Walker are no longer doing their show "Bitchin" together, but have their own shows. Sanchez has only three hours of air time and Walker, only two. Turi Ryder was replaced by a very obnoxious Debra Rich. Tim Kelly, a producer, is now on Sundays in Rodri Rodriguez' time slot. They one they should have replaced is the very illiterate and loud-mouthed Tammy Bruce. I'll appreciate any info you can give us.
Pat West of Colton

Pennsylvania Radioman Critiques L.A. Radio
I live in Northeast Pennsylvania, and my station gets your magazine by subscription. I've been to L.A. many times and have always closely followed the radio scene. Some observations:
KMPC should never have dropped adult standards in 1992. They haven't cracked a share since. Why did it take so long for "Music of Your Life" to hit via KGIL? With those L.A.-oriented personalities, that format should have been on local radio since day one. Why is KLAC still satellite? With their signal at 570, they should be live, a la KABL in San Francisco.
I don't know Charlie Tuna's status yet, but wouldn't he be the obvious choice for a.m. drive at KRTH 101? Why the weekend auditions?
I've loved the Wave since I first heard it back in 1987. I loved the eclectic New Age mix back then. I get really get agitated when I hear Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Boyz II Men, etc. Even "Night Traxx" is using the day playlist, it seems.
KRTH always sounds great, but why the same oldies over and over? I know research dictates familiarity, but I would imagine even the average listener gets burned out on them.
I'm a non-Spanish-speaking person, but I really enjoy KSCA-FM and KLVE -must be the regional Mexican rhythms and the quality of the ballads.
Again with KRTH, Johnny Hayes sounds great, but I miss the old KRLA top 11 at noon - any chance of something similar on KRTH? He's being held back too much by the format.
I miss Gary Owens on a regular local live show. I recall he and Al Lohman in the mid-'80s on KFI on "L.A. Morning Show."
Nice to see KCMG-FM and KACE and their urban oldies formats. The more variety, the better for the listener.
Wouldn't a standards format work for FM? Everybody can't target I could go on and on, but as a frequent Southland visitor, I just wanted to express a few opinions. Thank you for your magazine.
Bob Gale of WHLM, Mix 106.5 FM, in Bloomburg, Pa.

Lohman Lives
Re: "Sad Milestones"Page 20, Ad Lohman is still among us, residing in Palm Springs. I talked to him last week.
John Rook (via e-mail)

Wants K-EARTH on Web
I saw your site on the Internet and would love to hear KRTH 101 again. I lived in L.A. for many years and now miss the sounds of KRTH living here in New Jersey. Do you think it would be possible to get KRTH to broadcast on the Internet the way that KBEST-95 in San Diego has been doing for the past year?
Steve Pelensky of Robbinsville, NJ.