Dr. Laura Schlessinger probably wishes she had added an 11th commandment to her new book, "The Ten Commandments": "Thou shalt not release smut on the Internet." (Chastened Republicans will obey that one from now on.) The nation's radio mommy spoke to her charges during the first week of November: " I have undergone profound changes over the course of my life - the most important of which is my journey from atheist to observant Jew. In my 20s, I was my own moral authority. The inadequacy of that way of life is painfully obvious today."
Not only was Schlessinger taken apart in an expose´ in September's "Vanity Fair" magazine, but more recently, she endured the humiliation of knowing that youthful nude photos of her were posted on the Internet. On 97.1, Tom Leykis read the article and later promoted the nudity.
"I am mystified as to why, 23 years later, this 80-year-old man would do such a morally reprehensible thing," she said.
That man - once her "mentor and friend"- is former radio personality Bill Ballance.

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