Seeking to cash in on the affluent Westside and coastal communities' appetite for eclectic, adult album rock, Jacor quickly converted its newly acquired KACD-FM, Santa Monica/KBCD-FM, Newport Beach from a quirky and often inspired rhythmic/CHR outlet known first as "Groove Radio" and most recently as simply "Groove of direct competition with CHR KIIS 102.7 FM, the crown jewel among Jacor's Southland possessions.
   Hired from San Diego, Nicole Sandler oversees the programming transition as music director. Her close colleagues are Channel 103.1 Program Director Keith Cunningham and Dave Benson, program director of Jacor's AAA pioneer, KBCO-FM in Boulder/Denver. Sandler also serves as the afternoon air talent; The station is running "jockless" until a team of air talents is assembled next month.

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