'Radio People All Mixed Up'

   I'm in and out of the area for a few months at a time. Nothing stays the same. Radio people are all mixed up at the wrong stations. What's up? I would like to know where my favorite Peter Tilden is working.
Yvonne Alspaugh of Perris

Disconnected by KABC

   For the last half-dozen calls to KABC, I have been disconnected. For a while, I am asked to give age (62), put on hold, then disconnected. Is this because I am not the age of their target audience? Now they don't ask age, but I am still disconnected after a hold.
   Have I been 86'd by some form of caller ID and/or blocking? The disconnects all occur quickly after the holds late morning and early afternoons both weekday and weekends. Anonymous of Los Angeles* Ordinarily, we don't print unsigned letters, but we made an exception as he/she may have been fearful of reprisal.

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