Good Morning, San Diego!!!

  Upon the 100th anniversary of the discovery of radio waves, we christen this periodical Radio San Diego. The birth of Radio San Diego magazine celebrates the most widespread medium on earth. Wherever we go, we rely on radio for immediate news, information and entertainment.
Dedicated to San Diego's airwaves, Radio San Diego magazine serves as a diverse and rich menu of programs and music. The print and electronic media have largely ignored radio. We often hear the comment, "I would listen to other programs or stations if I knew about them." Every newspaper has TV listings, but few contain any radio guide. At best, some publications include an incomplete list of stations and their formats and, in some cases, a few program highlights. Radio San Diego magazine removes the guesswork from radio listening."I'd love to listen to some stations, but I can never find them," one woman said. Rather than blindly turning the radio dial, the reader/listener can use this handy reference guide.
Among the 263 metropolitan markets identified by Arbitron, San Diego ranks 15th in size. The county boasts 39 stations, 10 of which are in North County. This guide contains both day and night listings for each one. In addition to the listings, every issue will contain columns, departments and features on programming and personalities.
Unlike TV, radio allows its audience to remain in an active rather than a vegetative state. Rather than staring at a screen, listeners can continue their day-to-day activities, such as driving, working, cooking, reading and even studying. Many businesses keep the radio on all day. As renowned author/radio announcer Garrison Keillor pointed out in a plug for National Public Radio, "Radio's portable, so you can take it outside, or camping."
Another gift of radio is to provide an opportunity for the frustrated, tired commuter to laugh, to sing along or even to talk back. Almost three-quarters of the county's workforce commutes alone, and the majority is spending more time in their vehicles. As most motorists do not own a carphone, the radio is their only contact with the outside world. However, the affluent drivers and commuters who have phones for business call radio stations to request a tune or to voice an opinion. With 1 million-plus cars registered in the county and more drivers spending more time on county roads each day, radio's auto audience is rapidly multiplying.
We are planning new sections, departments and columns, such as Q & As, reader polls and fun facts. (For example, did you know B-100's new morning man teamed with former "Partridge Family" star Danny Bonaduce for his last radio gig in Philadelphia?)
This guide is fun, practical and reader-friendly! Just as listeners make requests to the stations, we invite our listeners/readers to fax or call in their requests to Radio San Diego magazine.
We dedicate this magazine to a loyal radio fan and a faithful friend: Jeffrey Rosen. Realizing he was missing interviews and concerts featuring his favorite performer, this musician dreamed of a radio guide 20 years ago.
Radio San Diego magazine urges you to turn off the tube and tune in to radio!

Shireen Alafi & Ben Jacoby

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