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Q: Whatever happened to the Bendable Branch [Rob Branch, formerly with KSDO and KVSD]?

Claudia Strasbaugh, San Diego

A: Rob Branch is the head professor of Palomar College's radio and TV program. Branch also oversees KKSM, Palomar's student-run station. For more information on Branch, see Ken Kramer's radio history column called "Echoes."

Q:On what stations and times can I get G. Gordon Liddy, the "G-Man" program?

Tom Morton, Vista

A: G. Gordon Liddy's nationally syndicated talk show, "Radio Free D.C.," can be heard weekdays from 9 a.m. to noon on the new KOGO AM 600 "Hot Talk" station. Liddy, the convicted Watergate burglar, was previously on KSDO AM 1130 in the evenings.

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