"Small" Station Thinking Big

As a regular reader of your magazine, I thought I would send you the enclosed picture. Just because we are a college station doesn't mean that we don't think big!

Our fearless leader (former sales manager and newly appointed program director) went to great lengths to get us seen around the North County Coastal area. Cindy Rodenhizer, along with the cooperation of Dimension Cable's Jim Crawford, worked to get our station much needed exposure.

For those of us working hard to enter the radio industry, Palomar College provides a great training ground. This is just an example of what a "small" college station can accomplish, given a chance. Hopefully, you can give us some coverage in your magazine.

After all, we are the future of radio!

Todd Bischoff, KKSM production manager

Editor's note: The February edtion (Vol. I, No. 5) of the San Diego Radio Guide featured an extensive story on college radio, including information on Palomar's student-run KKSM.

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