Unpatriotic without President's Address
   Yes, "conservative viewpoints fill the air," and "San Diegans can't seem to get enough..." There are a lot of greedy, mean-spirited people around whose policies wrecked our economy, destroyed our job base and natural resources and turned us from a wealthy nation into a debtor nation.
   But they aren't the only San Diegans. Some of us are decent, tolerant and patriotic. We'd rather listen to our elected president's weekly radio speech to the nation than rabid bigots. But you list the bigots and don't list the president. I listen to the president Saturday mornings on AM radio. He comes on around 9; and I twist the dial to find it as I'm not sure what station. There's also a liberal show on; but as you accidentally listed it, I won't name it as you'd probably delete the listing.
   There is a real need for your publication, and if you weren't so un-American and unpatriotic that you refuse to list an elected president, I'd subscribe.
Mark Smith, San Diego

Overdue Guide

Congratulations on starting Radio San Diego! I was wondering when someone would publish a radio guide!
Alison St. John

More KFSD Info

   Enjoyed your first magazine, especially the classical music story of Haas and the brief schedule of KFSD. Maybe KFSD could do better next time with a regular feature of more pieces they'll play. Jay Scott
Thanks for good stuff
   Thank You! Finally, the San Diego area has a radio schedule which not only presents the diverse programming available on a daily basis but does it in a style which is easily read and understood. I have long wondered why I could find radio schedules in the L. A. Times and the Orange County Register but not in the local San Diego media.

   First, some information regarding reception and stations available on cable systems should be considered for upcoming issues. For example, I live in North County and no matter how hard I try I don't believe that I will ever be able to receive KSDS and that's really a shame because of the fine jazz and blues programming it airs. Also, for your information Cable Radio Network(CRN) is presented via cable TV companies, usually on the local information channel. Two good programs are on Tuesday nights. The King Cotton show is from 7 to 9 P.M. and Billy Vera's Rock and Roll Party is on from 9 to 10:30 P.M. But, my biggest beef with radio, especially "community radio" is that there are not enough live concerts broadcast of blues, jazz, rock, country or classical music. For example, why doesn't KIFM broadcast some of the shows they "sponsor" in the Humphrey's by the Bay series? In other words, present the music of the "community" to the community!
KPCC in Pasadena has for a few years presented a delayed broadcast of the Santa Monica Pier Summer Dance Series concerts every summer. The concerts are free and the delayed broadcast allows even a wider audience to enjoy the shows. Other prime candidates for local broadcast would be the Street Scene shows, the Del Mar fair, and all other jazz festivals, blues festivals, etc. Every year, the Chicago Blues Festival is presented in its entirety by local radio stations. I wish you the greatest success.
Robert J. Wa Vista, Ca.

Good for radio Buffs
Radio San Diego Magazine: A great idea for we who like radio.
Mary Pepmeier, San Diego

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