It's All an Act

Stern, The Movie

From geekness to greatness, "Private Parts," the movie about the life of the nation's No. 1 radio personality, is coming to theatres March month.

The film features Howard Stern as himself, along with key members of his radio "family": Robin Quivers, Gary Dell'Abate, Fred Norris, Jackie Martling and Stuttering John.

Ivan Reitman produced the film, and Betty Thomas is the director.

"I'll be very honest: I have not been what one would call a wild Howard Stern fan," Thomas said. "I listened to his show because my boyfriend liked him so much. I was as surprised as anyone when I was approached to direct this. It may well have been because the studio and the producers knew I wouldn't make a Valentine Ode to Howard."

The biographical screenplay begins in the late '70s and covers events in the radio star's life up until 1985. Screenwriter Len Blum described his revelation in coming to terms with Stern's style.

"Howard's humor is about reaching deep far below the surface and dealing with the things we all think but are much too restrained or terrified to say," Blum said. "And what amazed me the most is that it changed the way that I look at humor. I call it the 'talk First, think second' theory.' "

Stern considered other movie projects before settling on "Private Parts," notably the (presumably) fictional, "Adventures of Fart Man." It was the success of "Private Parts" - a national No. 1 bestseller in 1993 - that sold Hollywood decision-makers on the profit-making potential of a Stern movie. The book's notoriety and apparently candid self-portrait offered film makers the raw materials needed for a viable feature film.