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Actor Kip Gilman describes the Earth Communications Office radio public awareness spots to the broadcasters gathered in the reception area of the Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills.

Estelle Harris of "Seinfeld" fame and Westwood Chairman Norman Pattiz

KFI's programming assistant C and TV star Joe Landau who plays Dr. Quinn's husband, "Scully"

KKBT's Dominique De Prima and friend Anabel Barragan, KKBT's sales department Alison Cantwell

Actor Kip Gilman, one of the voices on the public service announcement, and KACE's Mother Love

KABC talk host and attorney Gloria Allred and KACE morning co-host Mother Love

KSCA program director and afternoon air talent Mike Morrison with Westwood One talent J.J. Jackson

KABC's Gloria Allred with Westwood One personality Tom Leykis

Two Brits in L.A.: KROQ's Richard Blade and KABC's Michael Jackson

KROQ's Richard Blade, Westwood One talk host Tom Leykis, Westwood One founder/Chairman Norm Pattiz and KZLA/KLAC Program Director John Sebastian

KACD/KBCD General Manager Jeff Wyatt, KIIS personality Ellen K with KIIS General Manager Roy Laughlin

KABC's Peter Tilden and Ken Minyard clown around.

KABC's Michael Jackson, Westwood Chairman Norm Pattiz, voice talent Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman, Mary Turner Pattiz and Jim Ladd. ( top of page graphic ).

Entertainment moguls and special friends of Mother Earth urged radio pros to join with ECO (Earth Communications Ofiice), a non-profit group, in spreading the gospel of environmental awareness via the airwaves at the Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills Nov. 19.

Using the voice talents of Harold Gould, Carl Reiner, Ron Perlman and writer/producer Dick Orkin, ECO board members presented 12 ready-for-airing radio public service spots to the audience of radio VIPs. Westwood One founder and chairman Norman Pattiz entreated the gathering to form a strategic alliance with ECO and the radio industry. "We want your ideas," Pattiz said. "Radio reaches the masses like no other medium." ECO Chairman Larry Kopald, the son of Chicago radio personality Buddy Kopald, used the canary-in-the-coal mine analogy to speculate about the future of humankind on a planet where alarming numbers of frogs are harmed by toxic waste.

He pointed out that many communities in Mexico that border the U.S. suffer high levels of human birth defects due to industrial pollution. "Grandpa, did you ever taste water?" asked a little girl on one of the spots set in the future. California Lt. Gov. Gray Davis stepped up to the podium and declared Nov. 19 "ECO Day" throughout the state. "It's something that needed to be done," KLSX/KRLA General Manager Bob Moore remarked, vowing to use the spots on his stations. "You won't have to twist my arm to play them," Westwood talk show host Tom Leykis enthused.

The event attracted a large contingent from the radio community, including air personalities Mother Love, Jim Ladd, Dominique DiPrima, Mary Turner, Ellen K, Ken Minyard, Peter Tilden, J.J. Jackson, Gloria Allred, Michael Jackson, Richard Blade, Tanya Hart and "Doc on the Roc." Among the executives in attendance were: KIIS General Manager Roy Laughlin, KACD GM Jeff Wyatt and KZLA/KLAC Program Director John Sebastian and KSCA Mike Morrison.

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